Selling my wardrobe!

Hey girls (and maybe some boys… ;), as you probably already know, I’m selling some of my clothes. I really like them all, but they belong to the group of things that you keep for months/years (I have even travelled around the world with them) and never really use… so basically most of them  feel like brand new or they are brand new :)

I’ve decided to move on… and give them a new opportunity, and maybe a new owner who can give them the life they deserve!

Here you can see a small picture of all of them, click on any of them to see a bigger picture…

All the items are between £3-15, and if you want more than one, I’ll make a cheaper total ;)

I hope you enjoy it! And please, leave a comment or email me if you have any other question, suggestion or just anything you want to say!


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